Badami Rock Climbing Routes

Tempale area

The map below shows the various Rock Climbing/ Rappling areas and trekking routes in Badami trails n climbing

A. Saraswathi area:

Saraswathi area is 700m from Badami bus station towards the north. It is not much explored site for rock climbing. However, the area has huge potential for more than 30 routes.  There are only 6 bolted routes at present on single towering rock midst sloping terrain. On climbing the tower one can experience the beautiful view of the fields and coconut plantation on the downhill.  Early morning or evening climbing preferred at Saraswathi area.

saraswathi area


B. Ganesha area

Ganesha area is 750m from Badami bus station towards North- East. The approach towards Ganesha area is little difficult and without proper guide, it is difficult to reach the spot. It is one of the most popular climbing areas with 28 routes.  Climbing is possible at all time of the day because of the narrow shafts. Ganesha area is isolated and has great camping site surrounded by cliffs.

ganesh Area


C . Waterfall area

Not allowed  ASI problem

D. Delux area:

Delux area is 1km from the Badami bus station towards south. It is famous for its long and overhang routes. It is suitable for all kinds of climbers. This area has a potential of 20 more routes apart from current 26 bolted routes. Approach to the area is also good. Apart from climbing the setting of the area is fascinating.

Delux Area


E. Temple area:

Templ area is 1.5km from Badami bus station towards the south. This area has the India’s hardest rock climbing route Ganesha (8b+) and some project routes equally hard.  This is also one of the most popular areas for climbers across the world. This area is suitable for all kinds of climbers, beginners, amateurs and professionals. Preferred climbing time is during morning and evening.

Temple area


F. Dyamamma area:

Dyamamma area is secluded from the city and is not known to many climbers. There are only 6 routes at present but has a potential for more than 20 routes. It is at a distance of 1.75km from Badami bus stand.

Dhamamma area


G. Kannaragavi Area:

Kannaragavi area is famous for its cave. It is 2.5km from Badami bus stand towards south- east. It is multi-pitch climbing area with 38m high walls. There are 11bolted climbing routes at present and has a potential for more than 30 routes. Climbing preferred during the morning.

Kanargavi area


Authors: Ganesha Waddar & Abhijith P

Reference: Guidebook to Badami Bangalore Ramanagaram and Savendurga by  Gerhard Schaar


  1. Thanks to Ganesh sir and Manju for their extremely height quality guidance and support to Soumya Joshi.
    We appreciate the hospitality extended during our “Climbing Badami” expedition.
    It will be our privilege to back to Badami in support with Ganesh sir.

  2. Temple Area:
    Master Biscuit is such a fun route, terrific exposure!

    Finger Loop really tests your determination and will. Great problem. Do it.

    Export Reject is exhilarating and challenging at the same time. Have yet to finish this (last 2 moves) but will definitely come back for it!

    – Australia

  3. Ganesha and manju are the most hospitable people who make climbing in Badami a really memorable experience. I couldn’t resist coming back after a fortnight to experience the sandstone sport routes here.

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